Roofing Company Using Drones to Take Pictures of Houses

It seems a roofing company had started using a remote controlled drone with camera to fly around afluent neighborhoods looking for signs a house needs roof repairs.  This has residents up in arms.

Carolyn Hickerson, of Knollwood Drive, was at the bus stop waiting on her 6-year-old grandson when she noticed the drone and the man operating it in the Woodland Hills subdivision where she lives.

“I watched this thing go from home, to home, to home, to home with a camera taking pictures,” Hickerson said.

It turns out the man works for a roofing company out of Florida, according to police. He was surveying rooftops, hoping to drum up some business.

“My concern is what if this falls in the wrong hands?” Hickerson said. “What if people that are child molesters or criminals who want to case the neighborhood and break-in, or an ex-husband with a restraining order try to use one?”

via Drones for commercial use concern neighbors in La Vergne – Local News – Nashville, TN | NBC News.


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